African American Experience

NYPL Database

(ABC-CLIO) Explores the history and culture of African Americans, as well as the greater Black Diaspora. This resource is for middle school and high school students. Searchable by type of content and by era.

African-American History

(Infobase) Covering more than 500 years of the African-American experience, African-American History offers a fresh way to explore the full spectrum of African-American history and culture, with tablet/mobile-friendly videos and slideshows, images, biographies of key people, event and topic entries, primary sources, maps and graphs, and timelines.

American History

(Infobase) American History is an indispensable resource for student research. Spanning our nation’s history—from prehistory to the present day—American History was developed and curated by leading editors and scholars in the study of American history. It is composed of a variety of learning assets, including articles, images, primary source documents, timelines, videos, and slideshows.

American Indian Experience

NYPL Database

(ABC-CLIO) Full-text digital resource exploring the history and culture of American Indians. Ideal resource for middle school, high school, and undergraduate research on American Indian history. Fully searchabl by era, tribe, state, and region. 


Artstor Collections and JStor are Searchable Together

The Artstor Digital Library is an extensive and representative visual resource of images for teaching and research in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. We build partnerships with museums, libraries, photographers, and photographic archives whose images are widely used in teaching and learning contexts. In addition, we work with scholars and special collections in libraries to develop depth and richness in areas that are especially important to the community.

Britannica Escolar

Accurate and age-appropriate content in Spanish for native Spanish speakers, bilingual students and students learning Spanish. Available at two levels—primary and secondary.

Britannica Middle School

With easy-to-read articles and age-appropriate reference and learning materials, the middle school level of Britannica Online School Edition is ideal for 6th-8th grade students.

Britannica School Elementary

(Encyclopædia Britannica) Britannica School Elementary  is for grade levels Pre-K and Elementary (Grades K-4).

Business Insights: Essentials

(Gale) Business Insights: Essentials combines all of the content formerly found in Business & Company Resource Center with a new interface designed around the research goals and workflows of your diverse business research community. Easily find information on companies, industries and more in the context of timely news, statistical data, and in-depth reports.

Country Reports

Country Reports delivers unique content on Culture, Countries and Travel from around the world.


CultureGrams - Country reports that go beyond mere facts and figures to deliver a one-of-a-kind perspective on daily life and culture, including the background, customs, and lifestyles of the world's people.  The reports are written and reviewed by in-country experts and are updated as new information becomes available. 

World Edition - Cultural reports for more than 200 countries.  Each includes 25 categories: Land and Climate, History, Personal Appearance, Greetings, Dating and Marriage, Family, Diet, Housing, Holidays, Economy, Education, Health, and more.

Kids Edition -This collection of more than 185+ country reports teaches upper elementary-aged and middle school users about the world around them.  Each report includes up-to-date, engaging cultural information, complete with images, a historical timeline, fun facts, and sections on history, population, "life as a kid," and more.

States Edition -These colorful and easy-to-read state reports help upper elementary-aged students understand the diversity and history of each U.S. state and the District of Columbia.  Reports include maps, flags, symbols, timelines, and sections on history, economy, geography, population, etc.

Provinces Edition -This edition contains kid-friendly reports on all 13 Canadian provinces and territories.  Reports include images, maps, charts, data tables, and fun facts, plus sections on the environment, culture, government, first inhabitants, and more.


(Ebsco) ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) is an authoritative database of indexed and full-text education literature and resources. Sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences of the U.S. Department of Education, it is an essential tool for education researchers of all kinds. 

Explora Primary Schools

(Ebsco) Explora Primary Schools pulls together content from various EBSCO resources and offers an searching/browsing interface suitable for younger students. This database provides primary school students access to articles, essays, and videos pertaining to a wide range of topics including animals, art and music, biography, geography, language arts, health, math,  science, and social studies (includes reading level indicators (Lexile Measures).

Gale eBooks

(Gale) Gale eBooks is a database of encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research. These reference materials once were accessible only in the library, but now you can access them online from the library or remotely 24/7. Because each library creates its own eBook collection, the content you see may vary if you use the database at different libraries (your school, or your public library).

Gale In Context: Elementary

(Gale) Gale in Context: Elementary meets the research needs of students in Kindergarten through Grade 5. It features a developmentally appropriate, visually graphic interface, a subject-based topic tree search and full-text, age-appropriate, curriculum-related magazine, newspaper and reference content for information on current events, the arts, science, health, people, government, history, sports and more.

Gale in Context: Middle School

(Gale) Gale in Context: Middle School combines the best of Gale's reference content with age-appropriate videos, newspapers, magazines, primary sources, and much more. Students will find outstanding support to complete assignments in core subjects including literature, science, social studies, and history.

Gale in Context: U.S. History

(Gale) Gale In Context: U.S. History is an engaging online experience for those seeking contextual information on hundreds of the most significant people, events and topics in U.S. History. U.S. History merges Gale's authoritative reference content with full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, primary source documents, images, videos, audio files and links to vetted websites organized into a user-friendly portal experience.

Gale in Context: World History

(Gale) Gale In Context: World History is an engaging online experience for those seeking contextual information on hundreds of the most significant people, events and topics in World History. World History merges Gale's authoritative reference content with full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, primary source documents, images, videos, audio files and links to vetted websites organized into a user-friendly portal experience.

Gale OneFile: Fine Arts

(Gale) Gale OneFile: Fine Arts places millions of articles at the fingertips of serious students of drama, music, art history, and filmmaking.

Gale OneFile: Information Science

(Gale) Gale OneFile: Information Science provides access to scholarly journals and trade publications essential for information professionals (librarians) and other knowledge workers. The database offers coverage of topics including information infrastructure, metadata architecture, publishing, and more.

Gale OneFile: Insurance and Liability

(Gale) Gale OneFile: Insurance and Liability addresses concerns over the protection of assets, physical or intellectual, ranging from the individual property owner to multinational corporations. Insurance and Liability connects researchers to hundreds of thousands of updated articles from leading journals

Gale OneFile: News

(Gale) Gale OneFile:News Provides access to more than 2,300 major U.S. regional, national, and local newspapers, as well as leading titles from around the world. It also includes thousands of images, radio, and TV broadcasts and transcripts.

Gale OneFile: Popular Magazines

(Gale) Gale OneFile: Popular Magazines includes the most searched magazines focusing on current events, sports, science and health issues.

Informe Académico

(Gale) Meet the research needs of Spanish-speaking users with a wide range of full-text Spanish and Portuguese-language scholarly journals and magazines both from and about Latin America. Gale OneFile: Informe Académico provides quality reference material on an interface configured for Spanish speakers, allowing researchers to analyze topics and conduct research in Spanish.

Issues & Controversies

(Infobase) Issues & Controversies helps students and researchers understand today’s crucial issues by exploring hundreds of hot topics in politics, government, business, society, education, and popular culture. Presented in a balanced, pro/con format, each article presents the key facts, arguments, history, and current context—an ideal resource for research papers, debate preparation, and persuasive writing assignments.

Issues & Controversies in History

(Infobase) Issues & Controversies in History delivers dynamic, concise, and balanced coverage that provides the background, outcome, and contemporary points of view for every major debate and conflict in history. Presented in a pro/con format that clearly explains both sides of the historical dispute, each article is supported by a timeline and a wealth of primary sources.

Modern Genocide: Understanding Causes and Consequences

(ABC-CLIO) Coverage of the Holocaust and genocides in Armenia, Bosnia, Rwanda, and other regions, from 1904 to the present.  Material is divided into general overviews (Topics) and explorations of issues (Perspectives), supported by articles, images, speeches, and other documentation.

Modern World History

(Infobase) Modern World History offers a comprehensive look at world history from the mid-15th century to the present. Thousands of subject entries, biographies, images, videos and slideshows, maps and graphs, primary sources, and timelines combine to provide a detailed and comparative view of the people, places, events, and ideas that have defined modern world history.

National Geographic Kids

(Gale) National Geographic Kids: Reputable, authoritative, and appropriate content that brings children aged 6-14 the world in a way they've never seen it before. Fun and substantive, National Geographic Kids will take them on amazing adventures in science, nature, culture, archaeology, and space.


Newsela is an instructional content tool that allows teachers to find articles with appropriate reading levels for their students. Newsela articles also feature questions and writing prompts that align with common core standards.

Newspaper Source

(Ebsco) Newspaper Source provides cover-to-cover full text for hundreds of national (U.S.), international and regional newspapers. In addition, it offers television and radio news transcripts from major networks. 

NoveList K-8 Plus

(Ebsco) NoveList K-8 Plus is a trusted source of read-alike recommendations specifically for younger readers. It helps kids find books that are just right for their reading level and interests. Parents, teachers, and librarians can also find tools to teach with books and engage young readers.

Novelist Plus

(Ebsco) NoveList Plus has reading recommendations for both fiction and nonfiction, for all ages. 


(Capstone) PebbleGo is a curricular content hub specifically designed for K-3 students. Packed with informational articles, ready-made activities, and literacy supports for students of all abilities, it boosts engagement and fosters independent learning in core subject areas.

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection

(Ebsco) Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection indexes 550+ scholarly peer-reviewed journals back to 1965 on a wide range of psychiatric and psychological subjects. 


(Salem Online) This database holds the electronic versions of our Salem Press reference materials. Included in the collection are ebooks on history, and literature. Series titles include: Defining Documents in American History, Defining Documents in World History, Great Events from History, Opinions Throughout History and Value of a Dollar. There are also some current events issues viewed through a historical lens.

Science Reference Center

(Ebsco) Contains full text for hundreds of science encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals and other sources. Topics covered include biology, chemistry, earth & space science, environmental science, health & medicine, history of science, life science, physics, science & society, science as inquiry, scientists, technology and wildlife.


Statista is an online platform specializing in data gathering and visualization. It offers statistics and reports, market insights, consumer insights, and company insights in German, English, Spanish, and French.

Teen Health & Wellness

(Rosen Digital) Teen Health & Wellness provides middle and high school students up-to-date, nonjudgmental, straightforward, curricular and self-help support. Topics include diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, mental health, suicide, bullying, green living, and more. Interactive health calculators provide personalize tips, and interactive content-creation content projects invite teens to share their own stories for publication.

The African American Experience

(ABC-CLIO) NYPL Database

The History Makers

The Digital Repository for the Black Experience 

NYPL Library Card Needed to use

World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras

(ABC-CLIO) This database explores ancient civilizations, dynasties, and empires and profiles city-states, countries, and regions of the ancient and medieval world, encompassing intellectual developments, wars and cooperation, religion, cultural practices, and more.

World History: The Modern Era

(ABC-CLIO) Provides for a comprehensive study of the emergence of the modern world, covering the history of the world from 1500 to the present.